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Scott Collier has been creating beautiful masonry for more than 30 years. He has owned and run Collier Masonry for over 17 years and is licensed by the state of Massachsetts. Collier Masonry offers a wide variety of masonry in the Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire areas.

Scott's experience, pride in craftmanship and personalized service can been seen in the high quality of his work. Please browse the site to view some samples of his work. From a simple set of stairs to a five year project on a mulit-million dollar home, Collier Masonry can add style and value to your home.

Quality materials:

Pavers: For your driveway or walkway, concrete pavers offer a wide variety of looks to complement your home. From standard rectangular shapes to circle paks, and colors ranging from traditional red to charcoal, any look can be achieved.

Bricks: Usually portrayed in a traditional role, brick styles and colors are much more varied than you can imagine. The selections make bricks much more flexible in ideas to beautify your home or yard.

Natural Stone: Nothing speaks craftsmanship like a real stone wall, chimney or exterior of a home. It’s a natural classic and majestic beauty that demands attention.

Manufactured Stone: Manufactured Stone products have the authentic look and feel of natural stone and have superior quality and durability. Whether for chimneys, veneers, or interior fireplaces, manufactured stone adds charm and style.

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Construction Supervisor's License #CS071503
Home Improvement Contractor License #130134
Hoisting Engineer License #056282

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